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Shipping Policy

  • Delivery
  • Delivery mode


Deliveries of the Products are performed at the rate in force on the day of the order or the preorder by: 

  • La Poste 
  • Chronopost 
  • UPS 

Deliveries are shipped to the Buyer at the delivery address indicated on the order or the preorder form. 


The Buyer must therefore provide its address and postal code very precisely as well as any other information relevant to the Delivery without using any abbreviation.


For any order or preorder exceeding two hundred euros (200 €), delivery charges are offered by the Seller if you are in France, Monaco, Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, United-Kingdom, Danemark, Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Maghreb, Malta, Norway, Turkey, Romania.  


After any shipment of Products, the Seller shall forward to the Buyer a shipping confirmation email and a shipping number to track the order or the preorder.


The Buyer will be informed of the delivery time of the order or of the preorder:


  • When ordering or preordering on the Website;
  • In the order or the preorder confirmation email.


In the event of the Buyer's absence during the Delivery, a Delivery notice shall be left to the Buyer to collect his order or his preorder at the nearest post office.


Packages are kept by the post office for fifteen (15) calendar days, beyond this period, the packages shall be returned to the Seller.


The Buyer may request the Seller to be delivered by any other means of his choice.


In this case, the Seller reserves the right to:


  • Refuse to comply with the Buyer’s request;
  • Apply additional delivery charges to the Buyer's expense.


In case of Delivery of the Products by a Delivery mode different from the one offered by the Seller, the entire Delivery risk is transferred from the Seller to the Buyer at the moment of the Products' Delivery to the Delivery Service of the Buyer's choice.


  • Delivery time


Product Deliveries are made within forty-eight (48) to seventy-two (72) hours in France (excluding CORSE, DROM-COM), and within seventy-two(72) to one hundred and sixty-eight (168) hours in the rest of the European union (excluding RUP-PTOM), after shipment of the Products from Monday to Saturday morning, except on public holidays.


The Product delivery times indicated on the Website when ordering or preordering the Products and when confirming the order or the preorder are indicative.


Delivery of the Products by the Seller shall be made no later than thirty (30) days from the confirmation of the order or the preorder, unless the Products are unavailable or in the event of a case of force majeure.


  • Unavailabilityof the Products


In case the Seller cannot deliver the ordered or preordered Goods because of a sudden unavailability of the Goods, even temporary, the Seller will inform the Client by email at the latest seven (7) days after the delivery date indicated by the Seller at the time of the order or the preorder placement.


The Seller may offer comparable goods to the Client, which the Client is free to accept or not. If the comparable good is not accepted by the Client, the costs of return will be borne by the Client.


  • Damage duringDelivery


In the event the packaging is damaged, the Client shall immediately point out the potential damages to the packaging and/or Goods. In the event that there is an error in the number of parcels, or the non-conformity of the Goods as set out in the delivery note, the Client shall immediately point out such error. After signature of the bill of delivery, the Client may not make any claim as regards the exterior aspect of the delivery or the quantity of the Goods.


The delivery of the goods must be performed in the presence of the Client or a person expressly designated by the Client at the address of the recipient indicated in the orderor in the preorder.


At the time of delivery of the Goods the Client must verify:


  • that the number of delivered parcels matches the indication of the shipment document and the invoice; and


  • that the packaging is intact, not damaged, not wet or altered in any manner whatsoever, including the material used to close the parcel.


  • Delivery outside the European union

In the case of Deliveries outside the European Union, the Delivery times after shipment of the Products by the Seller may vary according to the countries concerned. 

The Seller shall inform the Buyer of these Delivery times when the order or the preorder is placed and when the order or the preorder is confirmed.

When the Buyer ordersor preorders Goods on the Website to be delivered outside of the European Union, it may be subject to import taxes and obligations, such import taxes shall be payable by the Buyer. The Buyer shall be responsible for any custom tax or additional taxes payable on the Products. 

The customs regulations vary a lot from one country to the other, the Buyer shall contact the local custom services for more information. Moreover, when the Buyer places an order or a preorder on the Website, the Buyer shall be considered to be the official importer of the Products and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which the Buyer receives the Products.